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Custom Toggle Clamps

Mailong is a manufacturer specializing in the customized production of toggle clamps. We have professional design engineers and mold engineers. If you have any custom related questions, please contact us:

    Product customization is our forte
    come see how we work

    Customized products can solve the actual problems of customers to the greatest extent. Mailong is good at customizing products for customers. Product customization mainly includes the following steps:

    Make your request for the product

    Understanding and evaluating your ideas and needs is our focus. Our engineering and design team will help you understand what is needed to get your idea made into reality. while providing guidance in the process.

    Your ideas and needs are not clear yet? No problem! Just express it. That’s enough to get us started, we pride ourselves on making this process simple and easy.

    Design & Engineering Strategy

    Discuss ideas and provide examples of previously relevant work that will help you further understand what makes sense for you.

    Concept Development & Design

    Create sketches and conceptual drawings to achieve the functionality as well as the final look and feel of your custom vertical toggle clamps, horizontal toggle clamps, push-pull clamps, latch type clamps, pneumatic toggle clamps, or anything else you want.

    Provide a formal design proposal

    Combining engineering and manufacturing is what we’ve spent years perfecting to deliver amazing results in the fastest possible time-frames.

    Our designers and engineers will create renderings, concepts, and actual samples for you to help decide on the direction of your project.

    Design & Engineering Strategy

    Create 2D and 3D Rendered concepts drawings that will be easy to understand and help make design decisions.

    Rapid Design & Prototyping

    If necessary, We will create 3D Printed samples of the housing for your approval, and test assembly with other devices, mainly for complex products

    Break the mold

    The development of product molds is a work that tests our production capacity. Our mold engineers have 20 years of mold design and production experience.

    Therefore, the production of molds is the top priority of our work. It is also the step that takes the most time. The quality of the mold directly affects the qualified rate of the product and the speed of mass production.

    Mold processing

    The processing of the mold mainly includes the steps of design, wire cutting, heat treatment, etc. These steps are relatively time-consuming.

    Test mold

    We need to make sure that the product produced by the mold is what we want. Also make sure that it can be used to produce products in high volumes and over long periods of time.

    Sample provided

    Confirmation of samples is the most critical before mass production. Our mold engineers will make every effort to ensure the stability and high quality of the mold. So as to ensure that the samples made meet the requirements.

    Samples are also a bridge to build trust and long-term cooperation between us and customers, and it will determine whether customers place orders to us.

    Sample Delivery

    The completion of the sample marks the end of product design and development , and also marks the landing of our production process and production process.

    Sample Confirmed

    Send the sample to the customer for confirmation, when the customer provides modification suggestions, we will make a second proofing until the customer is satisfied.


    Our goal is to make sure you understand every element of your product and how it will be made. Fully working samples are provided to make sure everything is correct before mass production. Manufacturing begins once you approve all the final design, materials, and components.

    Various testing and certification are provided as needed or requested. We will guide you through the necessary steps to complete ROHS,  CE, UL, VDE, and other certifications as needed or required.

    Manufacturing Strategy

    Receive and test components slated for production (Steel, standard parts, machined parts, etc.) Once approved and tested for fit, secure necessary quantity to complete the entire project.

    Tooling, Samples, Mass Production

    Mass production can commence once approval is received for products and packaging (when applicable). When requested, apply for certifications with appropriate agencies once the first units start coming off the production line.


    We create products that people want, it’s as simple as that. We want to make sure that the products customized for customers can stand out from their peers when installed in their equipment.

    Delivery & Use Strategy

    Assemble products into different packaging options as needed and fulfill directly to customers or individual locations as required.


    Create packaging that deals with the specific needs of our customers while making sure that it is safe and stable packaging.

    What sets us apart from the competition?
    Our ability to listen to our customers!

    We work with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to design and build amazing technology products for Promotional, Advertising, Retail, and OEM markets – fulfilling orders with short delivery times and complex technical specifications. We have earned the trust of thousands of clients, including these fine companies:

    product category

    Our products mainly have 6 categories, namely Vertical Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Toggle Clamps, Push-pull Clamps, Latch Type Clamps, Pneumatic Toggle Clamps, Mailong Adjustable Toggle Clamps are identified by their handles or the way the product works.

    If you can’t find the product you need in the product category, then customizing the product you need is a good choice. Product customization is our specialty, and we have professional design engineers and mold engineers who can quickly provide the best solution.

    Horizontal Toggle Clamps

    Horizontal Toggle Clamps

    Horizontal Toggle Clamps means that when the product is closed, the handle part is in a horizontal state. Horizontal Toggle Clamps are available in iron and stainless steel.
    Latch-type Toggle Clamps

    Latch-type Toggle Clamps

    Latch-type Toggle Clamps are closed by hooking onto the seat. Latch-type Toggle Clamps are usually composed of two parts, and the length of the hook can be adjusted
    Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

    Pneumatic Toggle Clamps

    Pneumatic Toggle Clamps open and close products by pneumatic means, and Pneumatic Toggle Clamps can realize the automation of equipment. Accept customization
    Push-pull Toggle Clamps

    Push-pull Toggle Clamps

    Push-pull Toggle Clamps refer to opening or closing doors or devices by pushing and pulling. Push-pull Clamps are also available in different materials and accept customization
    Vertical Toggle Clamps

    Vertical Toggle Clamps

    Vertical Toggle Clamps means that when the product is closed, the handle part is in a vertical state. Vertical Toggle Clamps are available in iron and stainless steel.

    Factory introduction

    Here will introduce you a general situation of the factory through text and photos, and you can also check the relevant information on the About Us page.

    Factory introduction

    Dongguan Mailong Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is a fast-fixing fixture manufacturer specializing in the production of fast fixtures and quick clamps. The products include vertical toggle clamps, horizontal toggle clamps, push-pull quick clamps, latch type clamps, and 304 stainless steel clamps.

    The products are applied to more sub-sectors with high versatility, a small number of varieties, and high quality, and are recognized by customers. Mai Pu adheres to the professional attitude and the spirit of professional products to provide customers with quality products.

    Mold processing center

    This is the mold processing center. The production of molds must be processed by CNC equipment, which is a long process. When there are many customers of customized products, multiple CNC equipments are often required to work at the same time to ensure the on-time delivery of products.

    The processing quality of the mold directly affects the quality and speed of mass production. A good mold can save a lot of time and money for manufacturers and customers. It is the so-called mold is the mother of the industry.

    Design department

    After the business personnel submit the customer’s demand list to the design department, the supervisor will arrange the design work to the hands of specific designers. They will work collaboratively and maintain communication with the business, and if necessary, the designer will communicate directly with the client.

    Our design principle is to give customers unexpected surprises as much as possible on the premise of meeting customer needs. So now you can send us your requirements: [email protected]

    Mold warehouse

    The product molds are stored here. Although the pictures are not so beautiful, this is one of the most important properties of our factory, and non-designated personnel are not allowed to enter.

    The mold warehouse mainly stores two types of molds, one is our factory’s conventional product molds, and the other is customer-specific molds, we will label them to mark which customer.

    Other areas

    Other areas include the material room, production hall, assembly hall and finished product area. The material room is mainly for semi-finished products, standard parts and other materials.

    The product parts from the production workshop will be distributed in batches to the assembly workshop for assembly, and finally enter the finished product area for inspection and packaging. Toggle clamps are a link mechanism, so each product needs to be checked for smooth movement.

    Why choose Mailong

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    Deal directly with customers

    We are factory with 20 years experience in the production of jigs and deal directly with customers. No middlemen make the difference. We inspect the clamps and reject any that do not match the industry standard.

    easy payment

    Lead Time: 20 days after received 30% deposit; Payment: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union; Free samples for one to three pieces, Freight on customers’ side; LCL by express, eg: FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc; FCL or LCL by ship.

    Accept customization

    We have professional design engineers, They have been engaged in the design and manufacture of toggle clamps for many years. They can quickly understand the customer’s needs and come up with the best solution.

    About quality

    We inspect the clamps and reject any that do not match the industry standard. We punch the base of many of the clamps we import in our factory to assure the accuracy of the critical hole mounting dimensions.


    It is widely used in the production of freight equipment, the processing of automobiles, sheet metal, wooden products, and the processing of mechanical parts. The following are some actual usage scenarios of customers. If the usage scenarios are the same as yours, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

    Communication is the key

    Product customization must start from communication with customers.


    We need to know what features you need for a customized product. for a preliminary understanding.


    You can participate in the design of the product and share your ideas with our design engineers


    Determining the material is an important part, and the engineer will confirm it with you in detail.


    Engineers need to know what environment your customized products are used in to determine product materials

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