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Tension Latches

Tension Latches are a simple and easy-to-use product. Tension Latches are mainly made of iron and stainless steel. The dimensions are generally small.

Tension Latches are mainly used in various sheet metal cases, wooden boxes, and other equipment. There are adjustable tension latches, spring-loaded tension latches, and heavy-duty tension latches.

Other toggle clamps: Vertical Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Toggle Clamps, Push-pull Toggle Clamps, Latch-type Toggle Clamps, Pneumatic Toggle Clamps.

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Stock product display of Mailong Tension Latches

Regular products are in stock, we can ship no matter the quantity

Features of Mailong tension latches

The Mailong Vertical Toggle Clamps are manufactured from high-quality components and are designed for continuous use.

Mailong Tension Latches provide an adjustable, high-performance method ideal for securing machine and equipment parts that must be opened or removed frequently. Available in multiple sizes, these tension latches offer design flexibility for a variety of applications.

Locking and unlocking the fastener is simple – simply clip/unclip the handle.
Excellent tensile load carrying capacity – reducing the number of fasteners required.
Tolerance adjustments through draw-hook mechanism possible.
A comprehensive range of fastener styles and sizes available.

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How to Customize a tension latch?

We work fast. With the increasing number of customers approaching us, we have no other option but to prioritize speed. Custom your tension latches is simple. It is only 6 steps:

Make your request for the product Step 1

Including product structure, function, material and surface treatment requirements, the more detailed it is, the more it will help us understand your needs.

We will provide a solution Step 2

Mailong will provide solutions to customers for confirmation according to your needs, including drawings, renderings, etc.

break the mould Step 3

This process is completely completed by our factory, it will take some time, and it will be determined according to the complex program of the mold.

Proofing Step 4

After the mold is ready, we start proofing. This process time is shorter than making a mold, but it also depends on the complexity of the product.

Send the sample to you for confirmation Step 5

After you receive the samples, we will continue to follow up and listen to your suggestions or improvements to the samples until you are satisfied.

Mass production and delivery Step 6

Mass production and shipment. We will contact you to make sure everything is OK after shipment.

Our advantage about Customizing tension latches

Why not customize and make your product stand out among your peers, we can do it

Rich experience in customizing tension latches

We have been in the field of product customization for 20 years and have accumulated rich experience in the process of product customization. Our mold masters have been engaged in mold production for more than 10 years.

In the process of communicating with customers, they can quickly understand the real needs of customers and provide the best-customized solutions.

Complete software and hardware equipment

Our software and hardware are well-equipped, and our workers are professional. Whether improving an existing product or designing a new product, it can be delivered in the shortest time possible.

Because a lot of the preparatory work has been completed. For example, some parts can be used universally, and no need to make molds.

3D simulation of actual usage

We will provide customers with a 3D simulation map, so that customers can intuitively see the situation of the customized products in the actual use process.

This makes it easy for customers to make decisions and even identify areas for improvement

Save time and cost for customers

Because we have been engaged in the design of vertical toggle clamps, designers can quickly understand the needs of customers, and the communication efficiency is very high.

Maybe the customer’s problem has been solved in the previous customer, then we can directly provide the customer with a solution reference to save costs.

Great location

Factory location World famous manufacturing city: Dongguan, a coastal city with convenient transportation, is famous all over the world for its strong manufacturing industry.

All production materials can be quickly gathered, greatly reducing the production cycle of the entire product, so as to quickly deliver products to customers

Product quality assurance

Our products have quality assurance and can provide customers with product quality reports, material certificates, SGS reports and CE certification, and other related documents.

We need to ensure that every steel plate entering the workshop needs to have material certification documents to ensure that there is no problem with our materials.

Communication is the key

Product customization must start from communication with customers.


We need to know what features you need for a customized product. for a preliminary understanding.


You can participate in the design of the product and share your ideas with our design engineers


Determining the material is an important part, and the engineer will confirm it with you in detail.


Engineers need to know what environment your customized products are used in to determine product materials

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