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C-clamps GH-511SP Latch-type toggle clamps supplier

Type: Latch-type Toggle Clamps
Model: GH-511SP
Material: Iron
Surface Finish: Galvanized
Item Weight: 850 g
Size: 284 mm(L)
Package Dimensions:
Product Origin: China
Lead Time: In-stock
Holding Capacity: 350 KG
Plunger Stroke:
Spindle Supplied:


C-clamps are versatile tools used in woodworking, metalworking, and construction to hold materials firmly in place during cutting, drilling, or welding. They consist of a “C” shaped frame with a threaded screw mechanism that applies pressure to the workpiece.

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There are various types of C-clamps available, each with its own advantages and characteristics. Here’s a summary of five common types:

    1. Regular duty C-clamps: These are the most basic and commonly used C-clamps. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, easy to use, and affordable.
    2. Deep throat C-clamps: These have a longer reach than regular duty C-clamps, making them ideal for clamping thicker materials or reaching into tighter spaces.
    3. Locking C-clamps: These feature a locking mechanism that holds the clamp in place without the need for constant tightening. They are useful for repetitive clamping tasks and provide a more secure hold.
    4. Pipe clamps: These are designed specifically for clamping round objects like pipes, tubes, or cylinders. They have a curved frame that conforms to the shape of the object and prevents slipping.
    5. One-handed C-clamps: As the name suggests, these are operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the workpiece in place. They are ideal for situations where space is limited or when the user needs to hold multiple tools simultaneously.
C-clamps GH-511SP Latch-type toggle clamps supplier

What is a C-clamp?

A C-clamp is a tool used to hold objects in place during cutting, drilling, or welding.

What materials are C-clamps made from?

C-clamps are typically made from steel, cast iron, or aluminum.

What are the different types of C-clamps?

The most common types of C-clamps are regular duty, deep throat, locking, pipe, and one-handed.

How do I choose the right size C-clamp?

Select a C-clamp with a throat depth that is at least as deep as the material being clamped, and a clamping force that matches the job’s requirements.

Can C-clamps be used on angled surfaces?

Yes, C-clamps can be used on angled surfaces, but the clamping force may not be evenly distributed.

Can C-clamps be used for heavy-duty jobs?

Yes, there are heavy-duty C-clamps available that can handle larger and heavier objects.

Can C-clamps be used for woodworking?

Yes, C-clamps are commonly used in woodworking to hold objects in place while cutting, sanding, or drilling.

Can C-clamps be used for welding?

Yes, C-clamps can be used to hold metal in place while welding.

Can C-clamps be used for automotive repairs?

Yes, C-clamps can be used to hold components in place during automotive repairs.

How do I care for and maintain my C-clamps?

Clean and lubricate your C-clamps regularly to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Store them in a dry place away from moisture.

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