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Push-pull toggle clamps GH-301-AM Push-Pull Toggle Clamps Suppliers & Manufacturers

Type: Push-pull Toggle Clamps
Model: GH-301-AM
Material: Iron
Surface Finish: Galvanized
Item Weight: 44.5 g
Package Dimensions:
Product Origin: China
Lead Time: In-stock
Holding Capacity: 45 KG
Plunger Stroke:
Spindle Supplied:


Product Name: Push-pull Toggle Clamps
Product Model: GH-301-AM
Product Material: Hot-rolled steel plate
Surface Treatment: Galvanized
Product Usage: Industrial fixtures, automotive, electronics, hardware, woodworking, and other fields
Product Weight: 44.5 g
Clamping Force: 45 KG
Screw Size for the Clamping Head: M4 x 20
Itinerary: 17 mm
Opening Angle for the Handle: 190 degrees.

Push-pull toggle clamps are mechanical devices used to secure objects in place by exerting a clamping force through a toggle action.


  1. Push-pull toggle clamps are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications.
  2. They provide a high clamping force with minimal effort, making them suitable for use in assembly, welding, and other industrial processes.
  3. These clamps have a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy and fast removal of the clamped object.
  4. They are typically made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring longevity and reliability.


Push-pull toggle clamps consist of a clamping arm, a handle, and a toggle linkage mechanism. When the handle is pulled, the linkage mechanism amplifies the force and pushes the clamping arm downward, securing the object in place. Conversely, when the handle is pushed, the linkage mechanism releases the clamping arm, allowing for the object to be removed. These clamps are commonly used in applications where a high clamping force is required, and where speed and efficiency are essential.

Horizontal toggle clamps GH-301-AM-1
Horizontal toggle clamps GH-301-AM-1


What is a push-pull toggle clamp?

A push-pull toggle clamp is a type of clamp used for holding objects in place. It consists of a handle or lever that when pushed or pulled, operates a linkage mechanism that moves a plunger in and out of a holding position.

How do you select the right push-pull toggle clamp for your application?

When selecting a push-pull toggle clamp, consider factors such as the clamping force required, the size and shape of the object being clamped, the space available for the clamp, and the type of mounting required.

How do you install a push-pull toggle clamp?

To install a push-pull toggle clamp, first determine the appropriate location for the clamp and mark the mounting holes. Then, drill the holes and secure the clamp in place using screws or bolts.

How do you maintain a push-pull toggle clamp?

To maintain a push-pull toggle clamp, keep it clean and lubricated. Check the linkage mechanism and plunger for wear or damage and replace any worn or damaged parts. Also, periodically tighten any loose screws or bolts.

What are some common applications for push-pull toggle clamps?

Push-pull toggle clamps are commonly used in woodworking, metalworking, and plastic molding applications. They are often used to hold workpieces in place for drilling, milling, welding, and assembly operations. They are also used for securing molds during injection molding processes.

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