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Vertical Toggle Clamps for New Energy GH-10444

Type: Vertical Toggle Clamps for New Energy
Model: GH-10444
Material: Iron
Surface Finish: Galvanized
Item Weight: 870 g
Package Dimensions:
Product Origin: China
Lead Time: in-stock
Holding Capacity:
Plunger Stroke:
Spindle Supplied:


Product Name: Vertical Toggle Clamps for New Energy
Product Model: GH-10444
Product Material: Hot-rolled steel plate
Surface Treatment: Galvanized
Product Usage: Industrial fixtures, automotive, electronics, hardware, woodworking, and other fields
Product Weight: 870 g
Clamping Force: 400 KG
Screw Size for the Clamping Head: GH-SA-38200
Opening Angle for the Clamping Lever: 129 degrees
Opening Angle for the Handle: 75.5 degrees.

Vertical toggle clamps are devices used to hold materials in place during machining, cutting, welding, and other industrial processes. They work by applying a clamping force perpendicular to the material being held, which prevents it from moving or shifting during the operation.


Designed for vertical applications
Can be operated with one hand
Can apply a high clamping force with minimal effort
Provide precise and consistent clamping pressure
Available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various applications


Vertical toggle clamps consist of a handle, a toggle linkage, and a clamping plate or spindle. The handle is used to toggle the clamp open or closed, while the linkage amplifies the force applied to the clamping plate or spindle. This results in a high clamping force that can securely hold even heavy or awkwardly-shaped materials.

One of the advantages of vertical toggle clamps is that they can be operated with one hand, which frees up the other hand for holding the material or operating other tools. They are also designed to provide precise and consistent clamping pressure, which is important for achieving accurate and repeatable results in industrial processes.

Overall, vertical toggle clamps are a versatile and reliable tool for holding materials in place during a variety of industrial applications.

Vertical Toggle Clamps for New Energy GH-10444
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