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We are a factory producing wooden boats. It takes a lot of toggle clamps to hold the plank in place and keep it bent. We originally used the traditional fixing method, which was inefficient. Now use the toggle clamps tailored for us by MAILONG. This greatly improves work efficiency.

Car repairs often require well-fixed objects for welding. I used to need multiple people to fix it for me, now with vertical toggle clamps I can do it all by myself. Let the objects cool naturally after soldering, at which point toggle clamps can hold me in place overnight without labor.and can also be adjusted.

We are a manufacturer of outdoor grills, and the small, convenient and stable horizontal toggle clamps are the most suitable type of toggle clamps for us. In many cases, we can be unworthy, but when we perfect this detail, the sales of the product have increased significantly. It turned out that this was what the client wanted.

We are a furniture factory, and wood processing requires a lot of toggle clamps. They are durable, have easy one-hand operation, and hold the door securely closed with no rattle. They sometimes need a pad, or mounting block to make them work, but in general, I have found them to be a versatile, great product.

We are a toggle clamps wholesaler, conventional products do not satisfy our existing customers, but MAILONG normally meets our product customization requirements, which solves a big problem for me. Now no matter what my customers ask, I can help them customize it through MAILONG

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